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1. Determine the location of the installation. It is necessary to take full consideration of the layout and convection to avoid the place where the noise and vibration are easy to be installed, so that the airflow organization is reasonable and unobstructed in the following places: the place where the flammable gas leaks or the environment with strong corrosive gas; the place where the artificial electric field and the magnetic field act directly; the place where the noise and the vibration are easy to be produced.
Two, the pipeline connection should be accurately in place. Whether the pipeline is smooth or not is very important to the effect of air conditioning. The intake and exhaust of the air conditioning copper tube is like the artery that circulate the blood circulation. It does not allow any defects such as concave spots and sand holes, otherwise it will not work properly. The connection between it and the indoor and outdoor units is the key to the installation of air conditioners, and it can also reflect the technical strength of the installation personnel. The bell mouthpiece of the purple copper tube should be aligned and correct when it is connected. The direction and the bending degree should be reasonable. A successful compaction is successful. The force should be just right, the strength is easy to split, the strength is small and the fluorine will be leaked.
三. 空调器的安装面应坚固结实,具有足够的承载能力。安装面为建筑物的旧壁或屋顶时,必须具有实心砖、混凝土或与其强度等效的安装面。托起空调的支架质量也要注意。
Three. The installation surface of the air conditioner should be strong and solid with sufficient load capacity. When the installation surface is the old wall or roof of the building, it must have solid brick, concrete or its strength equivalent mounting surface. The quality of support for air conditioning should also be paid attention to.
Four. The air conditioner outdoor machine should avoid adjacent doors and windows and green plants, and the distance from the relative square doors and windows should not be less than the following value: the air conditioner volume is not more than 4.5KW of 3 meters, more than 4.5KW is 4 meters.
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