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Cold storage engineering is a warehouse that creates suitable humidity and low temperature conditions by using cooling facilities. It is a place for processing and storing products that need refrigeration. It can get rid of the influence of climate and extend the storage period of various products effectively, so as to regulate normal market supply.
The requirement of the cold storage structure is that the cold storage building is usually carried out at normal temperature from the beginning of construction to the installation of equipment, and the system of the structure is also at normal temperature. After the cold storage project is put into use, its structure system is in the low temperature environment. The structural system deformation caused by the large temperature difference is much larger than that of the ordinary building. Therefore, the temperature stress of the cold storage engineering must be calculated to prevent the "cold bridge".
Therefore, frost prevention measures should be adopted to prevent the destruction of buildings in Keelung. At the same time, frost resistant materials should be selected when installing, so as to enhance the durability and frost resistance of the structure. Generally speaking, refrigeration engineering and environmental laboratory refrigeration function and requirements are more stringent.
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