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Air conditioning disassembly trouble, now a lot of people in moving, if they do not want to discarding their own air conditioning usually choose to move, the air conditioner in the process of the user generally will not do their own, but choose to invite professional staff to carry out air conditioning. So what are the steps of the air conditioning method?
1, test the function of the air conditioner before moving.

2. Recycle refrigerant and remove the connecting line between indoor and outdoor. It is better to mark the ends of both ends of the connecting line, so that it is not possible to cause the connection line to be wrong when installing the machine.
3, in the process of external handling and installation, it should not be overturned and the angle of inclination is too large.
4, connection terminals or other connection places are loose, prevent the occurrence of fire or other hidden dangers, whether the wire has aging phenomenon, such as the aging must be replaced.
5, the old air conditioner can not be restarted in 3 minutes after shutting down, otherwise it will burn the compressor easily. The new air conditioner has a circuit to prevent restarting in 3 minutes. Even if the machine is restarted within 3 minutes, the compressor will not work.
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