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The cause of the air conditioning without heat and the failure of the refrigeration system
1. one-way valve leakage. The difference between the high and low pressure differential of the refrigeration system, the increase of the temperature of the outdoor heat exchanger and the reduction of the heat obtained from the outside result in insufficient heating capacity. After testing the pressure of the system, it will be found that the pressure at the low pressure side rises and the difference between high and low pressure drops.
The 2. frost controller is out of order. In Ji'nan, the air conditioning can not be transferred to the defrosting state in time, then the evaporator frosting occurs when heat pump is heated, which affects the heat exchange efficiency of the air conditioning heat, resulting in insufficient heat production and even shutdown. Ji'nan air conditioning maintenance should focus on whether the defrosting device is misplaced, the contact is sticky or the contact is bad, the fan impeller slips or the duct is blocked, and the solenoid valve or the starting relay is invalid.
3. the refrigerant is insufficient. A simple self-test can be used to determine whether or not to leak fluorine.
4. four pass valves to cross the gas. The heat pump type air conditioner switches the refrigeration and heating state through the four way valve. Some of the refrigerants that should be involved in the heat exchange are returned directly from the compressor outlet to the return pipe at the four pass valve, which leads to the decrease of the refrigerant involved in the heat exchange and the decrease of the heat exchange efficiency, resulting in the insufficient heat production.
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