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With the gradual entry of central air conditioning to people's life, more and more people choose to install central air conditioning, but the most common in the central air conditioning is the air duct machine and the multi - machine. Many people do not know much about the difference between the air duct and the multi - machine.
Wind pipe machine is a very common type of central air conditioning system. Compared with the traditional hanging machine, this kind of system will not affect the interior decoration. At the same time, the installation is flexible and has a large controllable space. Consumers can choose one or more platforms according to their own conditions. The only drawback is that when using multiple units, the exposed outdoor machine can easily affect the external appearance, which is a minor flaw.
Compared with the traditional air conditioning, the multi - line central air conditioning system is more energy-saving and can control the branch of the indoor machine alone. It does not need to be opened in use and saves a lot of energy. And the design freedom is high, installation and charging convenience. It is a better form of central air conditioning.
Air duct machine and multi - line are the form of central air conditioning, the two types have their own characteristics. When consumers choose central air conditioning, they can also compare the two units to choose the central air conditioning suitable for their own houses. At the same time, it is necessary to start from the scope of its own capital license, the cost of multi line is higher, but later operation is more energy saving than wind turbine.
The above is the introduction today. If you want to know more about our products, you are welcome to call us. We will provide you with detailed product information.


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