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Air conditioning is a very common household appliance. Nowadays, the air conditioning brand is different. Air conditioning is a brand with high reputation. Air conditioning filter is an important part of the air conditioner. When the air conditioning filter is damaged or needs maintenance, it often needs to replace the air conditioning filter. At this time, we must dismantle the air conditioning filter.
Ji'nan air conditioning service carefully dismantling the air conditioner housing before removing the air conditioning filter. Usually, the air conditioner shell is blocked by two small troughs, and the outer cover can be opened outwards. When the cover of the air-conditioner is opened, there are usually two buckles on the inside. The opening door of the lighter will completely open the lid. Then remove the filter, the filter is relatively easy to take out, but is stuck in a number of grooves, first push the filter upwards, the bottom out of the trough, and gently pull the filter down.
After removing the filter, some air conditioners enhance the filtration function of black particles, and they should be cleaned and dried separately. Then rinse the filter with water carefully several times, rub it with soft brush several times, then dry in a well ventilated area until it dries.
When cleaning the filter, first cut off the power supply, open the panel and remove the filter. Use the brush vacuum cleaner to clean the filter and clean it with clean water. If it is dirty, please use detergent or neutral soapy water, rinse and dry with water. It should be noted that do not use hot water above 40 degree C. Do not use detergent, detergents, gasoline, banana water and so on to prevent filter distortion.
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