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1. Check the installation position of the air conditioner. The refrigerating capacity of the air-conditioner installed in Ji'nan air conditioner should match the room area. The calculation method is: using the area of the premises (M2) = cooling capacity (W) / unit area of the required refrigerating capacity (W); using the area of the premises = heat (W) / per unit area of the required heat (W). The air conditioner must be installed on solid bricks, concrete or its strength equivalent installation surface; the reserved position of the building is a reinforced concrete structure with sufficient strength, which meets the requirements of ventilation, noise and city capacity.
Two, wall mounted air conditioning installation. The installation of air conditioning in Ji'nan is taken as an example of the floor height of 2.4m. 10.5 cm above the wall, 5 cm above the roof, 15.5 cm above the wall, and 60 cm above the obstacle. The installation of floor type (cabinet type) is 45 degrees above the wall 100mm, and there should be no obstacle for parallel distance.
Three, air conditioning outdoor installation. Direct landing should cover the isolated metal mesh cover on the floor; the machine installation is placed on the platform and should be maintained and fixed, not to be moved by vibration; it should be installed under the windowsill and should be avoided as far as the windowsill; the installation of the outdoor unit should not occupy the public sidewalk, and the ground should be more than 2.5m.
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