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1, the installation location of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner should be selected in a place with good ventilation and convenient maintenance. Do not install inside the balcony. Otherwise, because of poor ventilation and heat dissipation, the cooling capacity will be reduced, and even the compressor will be burned due to short ventilation.
2, the installation requirements of outdoor units are: height from the ground is greater than 2.5m, and the height difference between indoor and outdoor units should be less than 12M, and the distance from adjacent doors and windows is from 3 to 4m. The indoor machine is fixed on the wall by the hanging board.
3, the air conditioning outdoor machine weight is large, so should pay attention to the wall is firm, if installed on the outside of the balcony, should use the wall bolt, and the inside of the wall with flat iron lining, in order to increase the strength.
4, Ji'nan air conditioning installation, first of the hanging board level on the wall, in order to let the condensate water flow smoothly, the outlet side should be low 2mm, but if the tilt of more than 5mm will affect the overall beauty. The usual method of fixing is to punch 4 holes in the wall with a percussion drill, and then insert a plastic expansion plug or a wooden stopper for screwing into the screws.
5, the installation surface of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner should be sturdy and strong enough to bear the load capacity. When the installation surface is the old wall or roof of the building, it must have solid brick, concrete or its strength equivalent mounting surface.
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