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来源: 日期:2018-05-02 发布人:admin
The central air-conditioning can be manipulated intelligently, and the key is its wire control device. But we do not know much about the central air conditioner's wire control device. Today, Ji'nan air conditioning maintenance factory Xiaobian to explain to you about the use of central air-conditioning wire control device.
1. When using central air conditioning heating, the central air conditioner wire controller is used in the switching mode to be warm, the speed is selected and the temperature is adjusted to the most extreme 30, so that the indoor temperature can basically reach the comfort level. When running for a period of time, the room temperature is stable and the temperature is around 18-22 degrees C, the wind speed can be set to low speed, reducing energy consumption and reducing noise.
2, using the wire controller to only open the air conditioning in the living room, and adjust the temperature to 30 C and keep the room temperature at low speed. It avoids the low room temperature at night and needs high speed wind to heat the room and increase the energy consumption.
3. When the central air conditioning is in the working state of the refrigeration system, the air outlet can be adjusted up by the wire controller, while in the working state of the heat production, the wind vents of the tuyere can be adjusted down to get the most reasonable and comfortable body effect.
4, after setting up the online controller, there will be about 3 seconds time difference. Therefore, it is not recommended to operate frequently, resulting in errors.
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