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The central air conditioning uses the refrigeration system to provide the required cooling capacity. The heating system is used to provide the required heat. More and more commercial districts install central air conditioning. More and more families install central air conditioning. Is the installation of central air conditioning as the same as the commercial central air conditioning installation?
1. the efficiency of the central air conditioning with high speed and uniform comfort is high, especially when the heat exchanger of the main engine is more efficient when part of the load is running, and in ordinary circumstances not all the air conditioners are all running, and the efficiency and energy saving of the central air conditioning is more prominent.
2. to save space, the air conditioner installed in Ji'nan generally adopts the form of the air duct machine to match the decoration style of the ceiling, and the wind is soft, and it will not appear straight.
3. the life of the whole central air conditioner is 15 years or so with low cost and long life.
The 1. initial investment scale is high. The price of the product is high, especially for the installation.
The 2. installation is complex and synchronized with the decoration. The maintenance of the air conditioner is not convenient, especially when the heat exchanger is undesirable, such as the need of the dynamic system. The advantages and disadvantages of the household central air-conditioning installation are coexistence, but in general, it is much better than the bad, and the focus is mainly on the price and installation.
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