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Compared with the traditional split air conditioner, the central air conditioner is a type of air-conditioner which takes longer time and is more comfortable. But in the process of long-term use, central air conditioning maintenance is something we often encounter. What do the central air conditioners often fail?
Ji'nan air conditioning manufacturer said that when we started the central air conditioning, we found that we could not work. At this point, it was not necessarily the place where there was a big problem, but we should find the cause from the possible causes. For example, if the power connection is not normal, it is to see if the central air conditioning operation has a timing mode, whether it is a power stop or the fuse of the central air conditioner is broken. Is the battery in the remote control without electricity, that the voltage is too high or too low, and the cooling setting is higher than room temperature. Heating is lower than room temperature and so on.
When the central air conditioning is opened, it is found that it can not be cooled, can not make heat, or the effect of cooling heat is not ideal. At this time, the user is hungry to check, see if the temperature design of the central air conditioning is in line with the requirements, whether the air pipe discharge is blocked, the rooms and the windows are open, the room is open, the room is open. Whether there are too many heat sources, whether the personnel are too dense, whether the wind speed is set and whether the outlet is blocked is possible.
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