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根据一般的居室温度科学测定在25℃- 29℃,人们会感到舒适,因此在设定温度,不求温度低,在4至5℃的建议,室内外温差如果温度太高或太低都不利于人体健康,和消耗过多的功率,形成不必要的浪费。注意不要改变温度设定和开关空调。
According to the general indoor temperature measurement at 25 degrees C - 29 C, people will feel comfortable, so in setting the temperature, the temperature is low, at the temperature of 4 to 5, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is too high or too low to the human health, and consumes too much power to form unnecessary waste. Be careful not to change the temperature setting and switch air conditioning.
Clean air filter regularly. Ji'nan air conditioning call filter is the function of absorbing dust in the air. If the dust accumulates too much and can not be cleaned in time, the air quantity will be reduced, the heat transfer is decreased, the cooling capacity increases, and the power consumption increases. Clean the filter every half a month.
When cooling, the direction of the cold air should be horizontal. Heat rises in heat, and the wind should be vertical downward. This gives you a unified room temperature effect. During refrigeration, indoor thermal attack should be minimized, and heat sources such as heating equipment should be moved outward. People begin to feel uncomfortable for a long time in the air-conditioned room. They should open doors and windows to ventilate and reduce the incidence of air conditioning.
If the changing season stops using the power supply, the machine is clean, the best outdoor cover, should check air pipe blocking before starting to use, if abnormal mechanical noise, timely professional maintenance personnel, do not force the machine to run, so as not to damage the machine.
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