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1: determine the host model
First of all, we should consider the area and orientation of the house, and see if there is a large area of glass window to calculate the largest simultaneous use coefficient of the air conditioner. Generally speaking, in the ordinary home environment, the cold amount needed in the actual use is often not the combination of the whole room cold, but lower than the latter.
Two: determine the indoor machine and the tuyere
The maintenance of Ji'nan air conditioning depends on the size of the actual cold requirement. Every room or hall needs only one indoor unit or air outlet. If the living room is large or rectangular, it can add an indoor machine or an air outlet.
Three: determine the layout of the air conditioner:
Ji'nan air conditioning maintenance host should pay attention to the position of good ventilation and heat dissipation, easy maintenance, and try to avoid the influence of position of concealment, appearance and noise affect indoor house; indoor location and interior decoration with the general layout, is embedded in the ceiling, can also be hidden in the high top cabinet. The general indoor machine is ultra thin, only about 25 centimeters of height can be placed.
Four: choose a product suitable for price
Ji'nan air conditioning service brand, model, the user's own needs, such as the choice of frequency and non inverter air conditioning, heating or cooling, will lead to price difference.
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