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Air conditioning use general family life for more than a decade, so the quality of an air conditioner maintenance to choose the air conditioning use of life and use of comfort, therefore, when we judge in quality must comply with the air conditioning refrigeration capacity, energy efficiency ratio and the size of the noise of the three most crucial to measure air quality policy.
1. first, refrigeration (heat): the heat of the air conditioner removed from the closed space in the unit time of the refrigeration (heat) operation, the legal measurement unit W (tile). The practical refrigeration capacity of the national standard regulation air conditioner should not be less than 95% of the amount of custom cooling.
2.其次,能效比:又称功用系数,是指空调器制冷作业时,制冷量与制冷功率之比,单位W/W。国家规范规矩,2500W空调的能效比规范 值为2.65;2500W至4500W空调能效比规范值为2.70
2. second, the energy efficiency ratio, also called the function coefficient, refers to the ratio of the refrigerating capacity to the cooling power in the air conditioner refrigeration operation, and the unit W/W. National standard rules, the standard value of energy efficiency ratio of 2500W air conditioning is 2.65, and the standard value of energy efficiency ratio of 2500W to 4500W is 2.70
3. in the end, noise: the murmurs of the air conditioner are mainly caused by the internal evaporator and the external condensers.
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