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We in the operation of air conditioning, should pay attention to the operation according to the following measures, first of all you need to know the connection parts, and to select reasonable grounding line according to these standards, in this process, you also need to control the capacitance pressure value, clear negative and make adjustment.
To avoid the abnormal Ji'nan air conditioning on the line occurred during the work, this is the program will disturb, besides we also need to control the indoor temperature, because the gas in the air into the air conditioner, will its oxidation effect, so we should always check during processing machine filter because, this device is easy to accumulate dust, so if a large amount of dirt piled together, is likely to lead to the cold and warm air conditioning effect is affected by the.
The staff in the handling of air conditioning equipment, attention should be paid in accordance with the relevant standards, the implementation of good work, avoid the burden to the unit, after all our common household products, are of a certain risk, so with the passage of time these objects will inevitably have some problems.
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