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The safe use of air conditioning should be three prevention: one prevention leakage, two leakproof fluorine, three prevention leakage. The following three points are analyzed and the corresponding solutions are put forward.
One defense: water leakage
During the process of air conditioning and refrigeration, there is a drop in the opportunity. This is not the normal phenomenon of air conditioning. It is caused by the irregular installation of air conditioner, such as the installation of the internal machine is lower than the hole through the wall, and the installation of the internal machine is not smooth.
Test method: after the installation of air conditioning, immediately test machine, if there is no water drop in the running for a certain time, there will be no leakage of water. Of course, can also require the installation of personnel Water Leakage test machine to the water into the water through the water machine, inscribed disk, natural outflow for normal outdoor downpipe.
Two prevention: leakage of fluorine
If the joint of the air conditioner does not tighten or crack, there will be leakage of fluorine. If the air conditioner leaks fluorine, then the user will often add, and the normal use of air conditioning does not need to add refrigerants for a few years.
Three defense: electricity leakage
Regular installers will check the power of the user before installing the air conditioner. If they do not meet the requirements, the user will be suggested to change. The power line is not fitted to the specifications and the air conditioning is installed. It is easy to occur the phenomenon of leakage and ignition and endanger the safety of the user.
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