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Now the weather is getting cold, is very much in the use of air conditioning in winter people, many people do not know how to correctly carry out air conditioning in winter, so winter air conditioning how moving?
1, screwdriver, spanner, hammer to remove the air conditioner, first, we need to receive fluoride, start up and refrigerate. After the compressor works, we seal the high pressure valve and work for one point, then close the low pressure valve and shut down. When the power plug is unplugged in winter, the connection of the four - way valve of the outer machine can be pulled out. Disassemble the copper pipe joint of the outdoor machine and disassemble the mechanical and electrical connector of the outdoor.
2, use wrench to turn the indoor machine into the lock nut, and use the ready sealed sodium button to protect the wire pattern of the indoor machine connection joint, so as to prevent the wire thread from breaking in the transfer. Use the cross to remove the control line. A symbol should be made together to prevent error in the device. If the signal line or the power line is wrong, the external machine will not work, or the machine is uncontrolled. The internal machine hanging board is generally fixed and strong, and it is more difficult to unload. Xiewan from hanging plate, placed on a flat cement flat, then quietly take proofreading.
3, according to the indoor machine range hit tube wall. In the predetermined position of nail hanging plate of the indoor machine, the pipe is penetrated out after hanging indoor machine. In accordance with the length of the tube, the azimuth of the outdoor machine is determined, and the outdoor machine should also ensure the level. Connect the high and low pressure pipe, turn on the high pressure valve first, then release the low pressure pipe lock mother (the air in the exhaust pipe), and hear the sound of outgassing. After 8~10 seconds, tighten the lock mother, turn on the low pressure valve, and connect the wire in sequence. Turn on the power supply and test the machine. Check with soap and water pipe joints (lock nut at) without leakage.
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