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In the refrigerator for disabled, lubricating oil in the compressor bottom is sticky, the working parts in the machine are in the dry state. At this time if the machine is used, the piston of the compressor will work in the non - lubricated state, which will affect the service life of the compressor.
The refrigerator will be started for 3 times when the refrigerator is stopped for a long time. The specific approach is: plug and pull off, 5 minutes again, a total of 3 times, and then keeps working. If there is any abnormal noise or shutdown, no cooling or leakage, etc., after the first start-up, the professional personnel of regular enterprise should be repaired, not to be disassembled and repaired, so as to avoid expanding the scope of failure.
First of all, the leftovers in the box should be cleaned up as soon as possible. Leftovers, on the one hand, are easy to smell the goods in the fridge. On the other hand, they are also vulnerable to all kinds of bacteria. Therefore, they should be eaten as quickly as possible, but remember that they should be heated before eating. Secondly, we should regularly clean the interior of the refrigerator, and usually have a blackout and cleaning for about three months. The cleaning contents include deicing defrosting and cleaning the inside of the box. Pay attention to cleaning the seal of the door of the refrigerator. There are more than ten kinds of microbes on the sealing strip of the refrigerator door, which can easily lead to the occurrence of various diseases of the human body, so they should be cleaned regularly. If you can use the dry cloth soaked with alcohol to clean and wipe the seal, the effect is best.
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