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The installation quality of the central air conditioner is directly related to the stable use of the central air conditioning, and the bad installation will bring all kinds of use problems. However, the general consumer is not very clear how to determine the quality of the installation of the central air conditioning, the small editor of the Ji'nan air conditioning installation manufacturer for a brief introduction.
First, from the appearance of the central air conditioning pipe, the insulation of the pipes should be smooth, while the layout of the pipes and pipes is straight. At the same time, the strength and weakness of the central air-conditioning power line open cloth, especially the frequency converter, signal shielded signal lines and suggestions, must have strong power distribution. Because of the electromagnetic interference of frequency converter is very serious, although the squelch filter and inverter bridge, the original device capacitance for the rectifier, but its electromagnetic interference ability is very strong, more and more attention now in foreign pollution, so the central air conditioning inverter using the shielding signal line that signal line, effectively avoid the electromagnetic interference.
The other is the central air-conditioning condenser tube, the condenser pipe must have a certain slope, because the condensate has no pressure, it is from the slope of the air conditioner to the discharge location, the slope should not be too large, also must ensure that the pipeline can not have water, and the slope depends on the scene. In this respect, the discharge position of the condensate of the central air conditioning should not be discharged as far as possible. Toilet, because there is a smell in the bathroom, it is likely to breathe in the room through the central air conditioning condensing tube, which affects the indoor air quality.
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