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Indoor air conditioners usually have these functions:
1. 室内制冷或制热.夏季,能将室温降到24~28℃,冬季,能将室温升至18~22℃.
1. indoor cooling or heating. In summer, the room temperature can be reduced to 24~28 C. In winter, the room temperature can be raised to 18~22 C.
2. 有用调动室内气流的变速.空调上通常都会设有差别的风速档,在空调运行时能将室内气流调至0.15~0.3m/s的速率.
2. can be used to transfer the speed of the air flow. The air conditioner usually has a different wind speed gear, which can adjust the air flow to the 0.15~0.3m/s rate when the air conditioner is running.
3. 有用的过滤室内氛围.室外新风和室内循环风,都要经过空调器上氛围过滤器,这么就会将氛围里尘埃等过滤遗失,维护室内氛围清洁.
3., it is useful for filtering indoor atmosphere. Outdoor fresh air and indoor recirculating air must pass through air filters on air conditioners, which will filter out dust in the atmosphere and maintain clean indoor atmosphere.
4. 调动送风方位.空调器出风口上设有水平格栅和垂直格栅,水平格栅用来调动气流出口倾角.夏季送凉风时向斜上方送出,冬季送热风向斜下方送出.垂直格栅能上下调动,随时调动室内气流的分散界线以及方位.
4. to mobilize air range. Air conditioning outlet is arranged on the horizontal and vertical horizontal grille grille grille, used to transfer air outlet angle. The cool summer sent upwards out winter hot air below the ramp out. On the vertical grid can mobilize, mobilize the indoor air dispersion line and position.
At present, the health function of air conditioning is more and more. For example, healthy negative ions, bidirectional exchange of fresh air and so on are gradually applied to air conditioners. When the air conditioning is running, it also helps to raise the health of indoor environment.
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