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The failure of the refrigeration system is the common Wind fault in our maintenance, and the failure phenomenon is also various. However, there are still rules to follow and experience can be used for reference. The following is the inspection steps of the failure of the air conditioning refrigeration system, and we should follow this train of thought for maintenance.
1. The main points of the maintenance of the refrigeration system
1, observe the inside and outside machine's work: such as the indication of the indicator panel, whether the internal machine works, whether the output of the wind speed is normal, whether the external fan or compressor is running, so as to determine whether the electrical problem or the system problem leads to no refrigeration.
2, detect the data of air conditioners: air conditioning and water flow. Generally, internal dripping water and continuous air-conditioner are normal, but affected by environmental humidity and temperature, they can only serve as a reference value.
Two. Type of failure of refrigeration system
1, refrigeration system plugging:
Often occurs in capillary and dry filter, because these two places are the narrowest part of the system. There are three reasons for common clogging: dirty plugging, ice blocking and welding blockage.
2. Leakage of refrigeration system:
Carrier air conditioning heating and cooling system is refrigerant, such as leakage, leakage of refrigerant is poor or no air conditioning refrigeration and air conditioning, the leaking place mainly in two for the welding, welding, capillary suction, exhaust pipe, sodium copper bell crack and the connecting pipe etc., to when the first visual inspection, the joint inspection of key connection pipe, the leak is generally oil.
3, four valve failure:
Usually occurs in the heating time, four valve is not good, so or stuck, causing the heating performance is poor, the four valve on-off to pull is good in judgment, at the time of repair by repeatedly to the four valve energized or tap four valve to reset.
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