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One, look at the brand
Under normal circumstances, Ji'nan air conditioning installation will not directly participate in sales and installation, central air conditioning sales and installation is completed by the designated dealer or agent, so the brand and brand number of agents is an important criterion to measure the central air conditioning company.
Two, look at the design
A good design can maximize the overall value of the Ji'nan air conditioning installation. For many central air conditioning companies, no cost is equal. Such a company has no independent design department, usually by sales or on-site installers.
Three. Inspection company
If you can't find any network records of the project dealer and are ready to sign the contract, you should be careful, and you'd better go and walk to the place of business in person. Check whether the business premises are real, whether to borrow other companies' business premises, whether there are related procedures and qualifications, this method can quickly exclude the existence of the bag company.
Four. Look at the project
A large air conditioning installation company in Ji'nan usually has many projects. Whether it's a sample room or a field construction case, we can take a field trip, feel the use effect and investigate the installation details.
We will use a good, appropriate service, let customers feel the warmth of family like, always look at the safety of customers as if they are friendly. We will use the natural advantage to create the unique features of the product, so as to give consumers the unique mood to enjoy the product.


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