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1. Children's immune function is low. When air conditioning is used, air conditioning and window ventilation should be closed for half an hour before going out, so as to adapt to the temperature changes in the room and outside. Children must adapt to the change of temperature slowly, otherwise it is very easy to get sick.
2. If the air-conditioned room is in the low temperature for a long time, it is easy to cause joint pain. In and out of the air conditioning room, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is too large, prone to cough, sometimes hot and sometimes cold, headache, runny nose and other symptoms of a cold. In addition, as the air conditioning filter can adsorb the anions in the air, the cations in the room are increased, which will have a bad effect on the human body.
3, Ji'nan air conditioning maintenance room temperature is best controlled at about 25 degrees C, indoor and outdoor temperature difference should not exceed 7 degrees; cold air outlet should not directly to the person and desk.
4, before opening the air conditioning, first open the window and ventilation for 10 minutes, so as to make the outdoor fresh air into the room as far as possible. After opening the air conditioner for a period of time, the air conditioner is closed, and the windows are ventilated for 20~30 minutes. So repeatedly, the air inside and outside the room is convective, and the harmful gas is discharged out of the room.
5, the elderly respiratory system function is weak, when the use of air conditioning, the air conditioning temperature can not be too low. When the weather is dry, a humidifier or a basin of water can be used in the room. Before entering the room outside, dry the sweat on the body first, it is best to keep the air conditioning on time.
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