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A test machine, testing the air conditioner in advance before the function is normal or not.
Two, recycling refrigerant, demolition of indoor and outdoor connection line: it is best to mark the ends of the connection line, it will not appear in the installation of the connection line wrong, causing the possibility of failure.
Three, keep the connection pipe interface: due to the use of a clean air conditioning is generally attached in the dirt, remove connecting tube interface nut, should pay attention to the bell and the joints of the clean, prevent dust, dirt into the pipeline, prevent moves work after caused by pipeline blockage. Before installing the butt joint, the bell mouth and the inner side should be checked for dirt again, and the nut can be covered after removing the nut.
Four, remove the indoor machine, should prevent the condensed water into the circuit board: the indoor machine water receiving tray and a drain pipe with some residual condensate, thus removing the indoor machine and moving, can make indoor machine with a circuit board that down, or even reversed, and should make the cable in the end a little high, let the water flow out from the other end, this can avoid the condensation of water into the circuit board, to prevent the occurrence of electrical fault boot.
Five, the bell connecting pipe to test the pipe connection: Bell because of long-term squeeze, some with a ring of bell root deep indentation, the bell easily cracked, broken, boot leakage phenomenon, therefore, the bell must be removed after careful examination, unqualified must cut off respread, so as to avoid the hidden danger.
六、在外机搬运、安装过程中,不能翻转,倾斜角太大,切忌用手抓截止阀抬机。 除此之外,还应在移机时注意把握轻拿轻放,拆装程序科学,抽管方向合理、弯管力度适中等环节。
Six, in the external machine handling, installation process, can not flip, tilt angle is too large, must not use the hand to stop the valve lift. In addition, should also pay attention to when moving gently, and science program, reasonable pumping pipe bending direction of moderate intensity etc..
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