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Adding fluorine is a basic skill of air conditioning maintenance, and it is also a highly technical work. The maintenance air conditioner must conform to its use condition and installation standard. The maintenance air conditioning control system and the execution element must be normal; the pipeline system must effectively eliminate the air, moisture, obstruction, leakage point and so on; the filter net, the inside and outside heat exchanger should be clean, the ventilation is good.
The air conditioner in Ji'nan maintains the air conditioner to operate under the condition of refrigeration and high speed wind. The low-pressure pressure of the vacuum pressure gauge is observed in the process of the low pressure cut-off valve and the side of the fluorine. When the pressure is 0.49MPa or 0.25MPa, the valve of the fluorine bottle is closed. Taking into account the outdoor air temperature, indoor cooling load size and other factors affecting low pressure, fine tune Freon quantity and table pressure, so as to accurately add fluorine.
Ji'nan air conditioning maintenance fine-tuning is because of the low pressure and the indoor cooling load is proportional to the cooling load is larger, the higher the pressure, the lower the contrary; fluoride mouth and process near the pipeline, because installed outdoors, the pressure and evaporation temperature affected by outside temperature, indoor heat exchanger, the actual pressure and evaporation temperature the summer to winter to some high, some low.
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