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Refrigeration cycle system and control system failure.
1, insufficient refrigerant. Simple self test to identify leakage fluoride.
2, four valve leakage. The heat pump type air conditioner switches the refrigeration and heating state through the four way valve. Some refrigerants should be involved in the heat exchange and return to the trachea directly from the compressor outlet pipe at the four way valve, resulting in the reduction of refrigerant in the heat exchange and the decrease of the heat exchange efficiency, resulting in insufficient heat capacity.
3, one-way valve leakage. The high and low pressure difference of the refrigeration system decreases, the temperature of the outdoor heat exchanger rises, and the heat from the outside decreases, which leads to the insufficient heat.
二、 使用不当
Two, improper use
1, Ji'nan air conditioning maintenance in a long time after the timely cleaning of the filter screen and the internal air flow blockage, to some extent, will affect the heating effect of air conditioning.
2, the evaporator and the condenser dirt is too thick, will also reduce the effect of heat transfer, resulting in a decline in heating capacity, power consumption increases; the heating temperature is set too low.
3, the air conditioning room door, the hole in the wall is not blocked, or open windows frequently caused by indoor heat loss will be inadvertently cause air conditioning heating is not strong.
Three, environmental factors, air conditioning, heat pump type, heat pump assisted electric heating and electrothermal three kinds of products, in the same amount of heat, the first two kinds of power consumption is about half smaller than the third.
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