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Ji'nan air conditioning repair factory small air conditioning in use after a period of time, filter net, evaporator and air supply system will accumulate a lot of dust, dirt, bacteria, virus A. These harmful substances circulating with the air in the room, pollute the air, spread diseases, and seriously endanger human health. And dirt will reduce the cooling efficiency of air conditioning, increase energy consumption, shorten the service life of air conditioning.
Split air conditioner cleaning method: disconnect the air conditioning power, open the cover, remove the filter screen and wash away the dust. Shake the special foam cleaning agent evenly on the air inlet surface of the air conditioning evaporator. If the dirt is too large, wipe it with wet cloth or rinse with a small amount of water.
Air conditioner cleaning method: Ji'nan air conditioning repair the first cabinet panel removed, find the air conditioning evaporator, special foam detergent will shake the spray evenly in air conditioning evaporator, then cover panel, set aside for 10 minutes, open air conditioning and the air flow and cooling capacity to the maximum, kept open air conditioning 30 minutes you can.
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