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The high and low pressure difference of the refrigeration system of Ji'nan air conditioning is decreased, the temperature of the outdoor heat exchanger rises, and the heat from the outside decreases, which leads to the insufficient heat. The pressure of the low pressure side will rise and the pressure difference between the high and low pressure will decrease when the pressure of the detecting system is running.
Ji'nan air conditioning maintenance can not make the air conditioner into the defrosting operation in time, then the evaporator frosting phenomenon occurs during the heat pump heating, affecting the heat exchange efficiency of air conditioning heating, resulting in insufficient heat, and even downtime. It should be observed whether the defrosting temperature sensing device is malposition, the contact edge is bad or the contact is bad, the fan impeller is slipping or the air duct is blocked, and the solenoid valve or the starting relay is invalid.
Function failure of auxiliary electric heating. If the electric auxiliary heating control circuit or electric auxiliary heating equipment fails, can not work normally, when the ambient temperature is relatively low, it will lead to insufficient air conditioning heat, even in the harsh environment, time and space to completely do not heat.
For the heat pump auxiliary electric air conditioner, if the environment temperature is higher, the heating is normal, and the environment temperature is low, the heating capacity is insufficient or not heating, the electric auxiliary heating control circuit or the electric auxiliary heating equipment should be doubted, and the two parts should be emphatically checked during the maintenance.
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