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Freon is air conditioning refrigerant, without it, air conditioning will not be able to run, the central air conditioning fluoride performance will be what kind of, how to determine the central air-conditioning fluorine deficiency?
One: try. After the normal opening of the air conditioner for a period of time, blowing the wind on the body feel very cool, and can quickly reach the set temperature, outdoor compressor can open as a refrigerator for a while, stop for a while, can be said to be normal.
Two: measurement. The temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the indoor unit is measured by thermometer. The difference is normal at 8 or more. The greater the temperature difference is, the better the air conditioner works, and the better is about 15 degrees centigrade.
Three: look. After opening more than ten minutes, open the indoor machine panel, should see the evaporator evenly covered with condensed water is normal. If half of them do not, it is the lack of fluoride in the central air conditioner, such as partial frost or freezing.
Four: touch. If the outdoor machine can be touched in the hands of the place, you can touch hands after starting more than ten minutes. The outdoor machine has two copper valves, a thick copper, a fine brass. Touch the two valve should have a temperature difference; coarse should be thinner than the lower temperature, feel relatively cool as normal, and then touch the outdoor machine hot air is not hot, may also be the central air conditioning fluoride deficiency performance.
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