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We in the purchase of air-conditioning, a lot of time cuxiaoyuan will give us some suggestions, such as the use of air conditioners, or wall mounted air conditioning, a lot of time, we will feel no doubt in what sense the case. So what are the basic categories of air conditioning maintenance in Ji'nan?
Air conditioning is generally divided into vertical air conditioning, hanging air conditioning, hanging air conditioning, window air conditioning, central air conditioning and automotive air conditioning, etc..
1, vertical is generally applicable to the living room, because the air supply distance is far. Usually placed in a corner of the living room, to avoid taking up too much space.
2, generally speaking, the family is suitable for hanging type, window air conditioning is generally applicable to bedroom, because the general bedroom area is small, window air conditioning is basically replaced by hanging air conditioning.
3, hanging air conditioning, central air conditioning is generally applicable to hotels and other rooms use. In addition, in the large office, also use the central air conditioning, because the air conditioning is too large, the general air conditioning refrigeration effect is not so good.
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