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Air conditioning installation a tedious and troublesome thing, if not pay attention to small details, easily wasted time and energy to the new installation, because some small knowledge is required for the installation of air conditioning, it should be noted that there are many matters, the next Xiaobian to pay attention to and some installation tips to tell you.
First, after confirming the location of the installation, you can install the box to open the box. If you need to follow the building, you need to make some simple reservation for the air conditioner.
Two, fixed installation bracket, the bracket will be installed fixed to the reserved position, and then a preliminary check level, this time to note that position, generally about 10 mm below the medial to lateral.
Three. Take down the panel and air filter net, and the fixed plate of the site. This world can be installed on the outside of the air conditioner bracket, and to ensure that the water faucet can be normal water can be.
The fourth step: then use level detector to check whether the air conditioning installation level, this time should pay attention to the base must be in accordance with the level, if there is no installation level will make air conditioning produce a lot of noise.
Five. Install air filter screen and panel to further fix
Six, check whether some of these imports and exports have been congested, and have been kept unblocked. However, it will be installed on some small parts, such as drains, and ground wires.
In this paper, the installation of Ji'nan air conditioning friendship dedication, more knowledge about Click: , we will use the most advanced technology, the most sincere attitude, to provide you with the most comprehensive service. We will continue to dedicate to you, please look forward to.


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