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The failure of 1, air conditioning auxiliary heating function, auxiliary heating type air conditioning heat pump now commonly used auxiliary electric heating technology, electric heating technology can rapidly heat under super low temperature effect is strong, safe and reliable, can be used for a long time. If the heating control circuit or electric auxiliary heating equipment failure, can not work normally in the environment of electric auxiliary, the temperature is relatively low, will lead to lack of air conditioning heating, even in the harsh environment of the air conditioning without heating.
2, air conditioning in a long time after the timely cleaning of the filter screen and the internal air flow blockage, to some extent, will affect the heating effect of air conditioning. The evaporator and the condenser dirt is too thick, will also reduce the effect of heat transfer, resulting in a decline in heating capacity, power consumption increases; the heating temperature is set too low. While the air conditioning room door, the hole in the wall is not blocked, or open windows frequently caused by indoor heat loss will be inadvertently cause air conditioning heating is not strong.
3, the air conditioner heat pump, heat pump consists of auxiliary electric heating type and electric type of three kinds of products, in the heat capacity equal conditions, the first two power consumption than third about half, considering the power supply capacity and electricity costs, the family is now generally choose two types of air conditioning, but should pay attention to their use the first two conditions apply only to 5 degrees above the environment, clearly not applicable in northern China.
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