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Frost is water vapor that evaporates and then cools down to form droplets of water. If the freezer and freezer have a thick frost, your refrigerator is very good. If the water in the fridge is too heavy, or the door is not closed, the hot air outside is always exchanging heat with the cold air inside it, forming water droplets in it, so it freezes.
保持冷冻室的温度在零下18度左右,冷藏室的温度在0-10度之间,好是在4-8度之间。如果温控器是机械式的,应把档位调在1-2档处。另外,应检查门封条密封是否良好,压缩机是否始终工作不停机,如果不正常应及时与售后联系进行检修。 冰箱在使用一段时间以后会出现结霜的现象,这些现象当然是再自然不过的了,可我们还是需要为冰箱进行除霜保养。下面由冰箱维修的维修师傅告诉我们如何除霜。
Keep the temperature in the freezer at about 18 degrees below zero. The temperature in the freezer is between 0-10 degrees, preferably between 4-8 degrees. If the thermostat is mechanical, adjust the gear to the 1-2 gear. In addition, the door seal should be checked whether the seal is good, the compressor is always working without downtime, if not normal, should be promptly and after-sale contact repair. After the use of refrigerators for a period of time there will be frost phenomenon, of course, these phenomena are natural, but we still need to defrost the refrigerator maintenance. The following maintenance technician from the refrigerator tells us how to defrost.
1. 现将冰箱内的食物移除干净。
1. remove the food from the refrigerator now.
2. 关闭冰箱开关,拔掉电源。
2. close the refrigerator switch and unplug the power.
3. 把冰箱里面的附件拿出来清洗。
3. remove the accessories from the refrigerator.
4. 用抹布将冰箱内霜冻位置的水擦干。
4. wipe the frost in the fridge with a duster.
5. 将冰箱内部晾干,放入附件,插入电源,再放入食物。
5.. Dry the inside of the refrigerator, put it into the attachment, insert the power and put it in the food.
After defrosting, you must wait until the water in the fridge is dry and thoroughly reused. Otherwise, the water remaining in it will form frost again.
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