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1, check the household central air-conditioning plug and socket contacts are good. If the household central air conditioner is running, the power outlet or plug is hot. This may be due to too little electrical wiring or bad contact between the plug and socket, and measures should be taken to solve the problem.
2, the water system should pay attention to the pipe connection is leaking. Multi line system and air duct system should often observe the refrigerant interface of the refrigerant pipe of the air conditioner whether there is refrigerant leakage. If it is found that there is grease, it shows that there is a refrigerant leak, should be dealt with in a timely manner.
3, Ji'nan air conditioning installation in general 2-3 weeks or so sweep. When cleaning out the filter dust with a dry soft brush to filter online. Can also be cleaned with water to filter the dust on the internet. Air dry and then put into the air conditioner. For the environment with more dust, the cleaning rate of the filter screen should be increased, so as to avoid the dust stained by the filter screen and affect the ventilation rate of the air conditioner.
4, more online household central air conditioning, regular cleaning of air conditioning condenser and evaporator coil. Dust on the coil can be cleaned with a brush and a vacuum cleaner. Note that in cleaning, brush and vacuum cleaner should be swept along the vertical direction of the coil, do not sweep along the horizontal direction, so as not to touch the ribs of the coil.
5, the air conditioner to long-term downtime, the air conditioner should be fully cleaned. After cleaning, only air conditioning fan, running for about 2-3 hours, so that the air conditioner dry inside, and then use a dust cover to cover the air conditioner.
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