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Now with the improvement of living standards, Ji'nan air conditioning installation is becoming more and more popular, many parameters of family decoration when shopping at the central air conditioning with always caught in the tangle, his family fit what kind of central air conditioning, central air conditioning is mainly to see what, how to determine whether it is good or bad?
In simple terms compared to ordinary split air conditioning, Ji'nan air conditioning installation has the advantage that it can make the space more Home Furnishing integration, space saving, beautiful fashion; and the central air conditioning system of rapid, stable and uniform, high degree of comfort; in addition, the central air-conditioning generally adopts direct rheological frequency technology and new refrigerant, each indoor machine can so separate control, flexible control, power consumption is small.
First of all, we should pay attention to the installation of household safety Ji'nan air conditioning brand, a well-known brand, we must choose to have production base manufacturers, so that the service is guaranteed.
Secondly, the design and installation of domestic central air conditioning, we must consider the effect of family decoration, so beautiful and coordinated. The design and distribution of household central air conditioning system must be checked by air conditioner professionals. This is important.
Finally, according to their own Fangxing structure, according to the room matching power 220V or 380V, select the home central air conditioning. Select the appropriate home central air conditioning, according to the use and function of the room, select the energy control of the domestic central air-conditioning.
The above is today's share, are you satisfied, welcome to pay attention to our website and pay attention to our products, we will provide you with excellent products, and sincerely willing to establish a cooperative relationship with you.


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