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2015-04-30VOA常速英語: 伊朗方面致力于達成最后的核協議

Iranian FM Says Committed to Getting Final Nuclear DealNEW YORK—Iran’s foreign minister said a nuclear deal... [查看全文]

2015-04-29VOA常速英語: 史前洞穴被復制出來,并在法國開放供人們參觀

Replica of Prehistoric Cave Opens in FranceOn December 18, 1994, a group of French speleologists exploring caves ... [查看全文]

2015-04-28VOA常速英語: 同性婚姻問題被搬到最高人民法院

Gay Marriage Goes Before US Supreme CourtDespite sharing a home and bearing shared responsibility for five young ... [查看全文]

2015-04-27VOA常速英語: 美國需要與歐洲簽訂自由貿易協議嗎?

Does US Need a Free-Trade Deal with Europe?Free-trade supporters say the U.S. must act quickly to regain its sha... [查看全文]

2015-04-24VOA常速英語: 科學家們創造可觸摸的虛擬影像

Motion recognition technology already allows users to command computer-controlled devices by waving a hand above a... [查看全文]


WASHINGTON— A U.S.-based online handcrafts and antiques seller has had unprecedented success since it went public... [查看全文]

2015-04-22VOA常速英語: 保持華盛頓領空安全是艱巨的任務

Keeping Washington DC Airspace Safe Is Tall OrderWASHINGTON—Being the home of all three branches of the U.S. fed... [查看全文]


A new study says the hippopotamus is very important to the health of Africa’s rivers and lakes. That’... [查看全文]


A frustrated Obama chastised the Senate Friday for delaying the Lynch confirmation vote.Enough. Enough. Call Lorett... [查看全文]


LONDON—Thousands more migrants have arrived on the southern shores of Italy from North Africa in the past two d... [查看全文]