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2014-03-31BBC News:美國務卿將與俄羅斯外長會面商談烏克蘭局勢

BBC News with Marion MarshallAfghan officials say they’ve retaken full control of a building from which Tali... [查看全文]

2014-03-31BBC News:北約稱俄羅斯在烏克蘭邊境集結兵力

BBC News with Sue Montgomery.Police in Egypt are subjecting detainees to electric shocks, beatings and sexual assa... [查看全文]

2014-03-29BBC News:聯大通過決議宣布克里米亞公投為非法

BBC News with Jonathan IzardThe United Nations General Assembly has passed a resolution, declaring that theRussian-... [查看全文]

2014-03-28BBC News:奧巴馬支持烏克蘭決定自身命運

BBC News with Sue MontgomeryEgypt’s army chief and defence minister, FieldMarshal Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, has a... [查看全文]

2014-03-28BBC News:88歲爵士大師托尼·班奈特出新專輯

88歲爵士大師托尼·班奈特出新專輯Coming up, the search goes on for the remains ofthe Malaysian flight which the autho... [查看全文]

2014-03-27BBC News:奧巴馬警告莫斯科不要進一步侵犯烏克蘭

BBC News with Julie CandlerPresident Obama has warned Moscow not to encroach any further on Ukrainian sovereigntyo... [查看全文]

2014-03-26BBC News:中國要求獲得馬航飛機失蹤具體信息

BBC News with Natalia Rolleston.The Chinese government has demanded to see the satellite data that led Malaysia t... [查看全文]

2014-03-26BBC News:法國時裝泰斗伊夫·圣·洛朗一生被拍成電影

法國時裝泰斗伊夫·圣·洛朗一生被拍成電影I'm Oliver Conway with a selection of highlights fromacross BBC World Servi... [查看全文]

2014-03-25BBC News:北約稱駐烏克蘭俄軍是對兩國安全的威脅

BBC News with Jonathan Izard.The Turkish military says it warned a Syrianwarplane four times as it was approachin... [查看全文]

2014-03-24BBC News:歐盟與烏克蘭簽署關系更密切協定

歐盟與烏克蘭簽署關系更密切協定I’m Maddy Savage bringing you a selection ofhighlights from across BBC world servi... [查看全文]