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2013-03-29CNN News:美國最高法院將就同性婚姻問題舉行聽證會

A bailout worth billions, that the story that leads off today's show.Hello, I'm Carl Azuz, last week, we... [查看全文]

2013-03-28CNN News:巴基斯坦遭槍擊少女重返校園

From that I-report in Sartell, Minnesota.We are heading to the Middle East as we kick off today show.President O... [查看全文]

2013-03-27CNN News:全世界人民積極參與2013地球一小時活動

Hi, I'm Carl Azuz, and this CNN Student News.We're going to start this new week with some signs of spri... [查看全文]

2013-03-26CNN News:伊拉克戰爭十周年盤點紀念

It's March and the madness is upon us, hello, everyone, I'm Carl Azuz.Later on today, we're going to... [查看全文]

2013-03-26CNN News:美國部署攔截導彈以應對潛在威脅

Hi everyone, I'm Carl Azuz, thank you for joining us for a week of CNN student news.Today, we are gonna st... [查看全文]

2013-03-26CNN News:新任教皇獲稱為弗朗西斯一世 稱將服務于窮人

Our other new world leader is the chief of state, for Vatican City.You probably know him better by a different... [查看全文]

2013-03-20CNN News:低調謙遜作風助新教皇脫穎而出

I'm Anderson Cooper, Rome, welcome to the podcast, electing a pioneering Pope, let's get started.The world... [查看全文]

2013-03-20CNN News:阿根廷主教當選羅馬新教皇

I am Carl Azuz,welcome to student CNN news.Eversince pope Bedinect announced his plan to resign,we've been tal... [查看全文]

2013-03-16CNN News:專家研究抵美日本海嘯殘骸碎片造成的影響

I'm back, happy to be with you for this Tuesday edition of CNN Student News and I want to thank Tommy for... [查看全文]

2013-03-15CNN News:眾說紛紜談論查韋斯所留下的遺產

A warm welcome on this Thursday March 7, especially for anyone who's dealing with this.Frosty reception, a wi... [查看全文]